JOB ID  NO.675
表示企業名  エントリー承諾後、お知らせいたします。
業界  IT・通信
職種  法人営業(国内・海外)やマーケティング
雇用形態  正社員
⽤⼈ 若干名
応募対象 日本在住
勤務地 東京都
想定年収 400万円~ 800万円
特徴 3年以上の事業開発、販売、またはマーケティングの経験
事業内容 企業が営業、マーケティング、採用や顧客関係維持のためにイベントを開催する際にご利用いただく、ビジネスイベントに特化したイベントマネジメントツールを開発・運営する会社です。
仕事内容 We’re a leading online events platform in Japan, serving online conferences, webinars, job fairs, expos, and trade shows throughout the country.

We’re looking for our first international business development lead to join our team, as we encounter growing demand from customers outside of Japan. While the team mainly operates in Japanese and is based in Tokyo, the company’s CEO is Japanese-American and is passionate about growing the international arm of this business.

As this person will be the first person in charge of international business development, his / her responsibilities span across marketing and branding, sales, and customer success. This person will be in charge of establishing this new team, and these responsibilities will be handed down to new members as the team grows.

・Marketing and branding
Writing and issuing press releases, translating our websites and all communication materials into English
・Sales and Business Development
Acquiring new customers in the Asian market
・Customer success
Onboarding new customers and maintaining customer retention
・Full-time or part-time
・Employee contract or freelance contract

必須条件 ・Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
・At least three years of business development, sales or marketing experience in an English-speaking company or country
・Work-proficient communication abilities in Japanese required, as our team operates in Japanese
・Undergraduate or graduate degree
・Work experience at an early to mid-phase start-up a plus
福利厚生 各種社会保険完備 交通費支給 健康診断
採用背景 増員
選考フロー 書類審査→当社面談 → クライアント先一次面接 →最終面接 → 内定


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